Introducing Our Original, All-Natural Eczema Care Cream

natural eczema cream

The constant itch and embarrassing red spots are just two of the many struggles of living with eczema. Not to mention the fear of not knowing what chemicals you are putting on your skin each day. 

For years, we struggled with eczema. We wore long sleeve shirts to the gym, family reunions, and summer block parties. We were too embarrassed to show the red, inflamed eczema spots on our arms and elbow folds. 

We spent dinner dates, movies, and sleepless nights trying our best to focus on anything but the non-stop itch from our eczema. When the itch was too hard to resist, we would itch until we couldn’t itch anymore.

We tried different creams and lotions from local drug stores with minor results. We understood that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbed into our bodies, and we weren’t comfortable applying ingredients we weren’t familiar with or we couldn’t pronounce. 

We started researching natural eczema remedies and ingredients that have been used to help relieve dry, itchy, and red skin for generations. We began making creams in our kitchen from scratch and applied them to our eczema, closely monitoring the results. 

After hundreds of iterations, we finalized our recipe with eight all-natural ingredients that provided real results we could actually see and feel. The cream nourished and soothed our skin, alleviating both our redness and itch. We called it Eczema Care Cream.

At the Eczema Care Company, our aim is to provide the same safe and natural eczema cream we use on our skin to our friends, family, and community. We believe confidence can be restored through tangible results from resources that come from the earth.

Eczema Care Cream provides real eczema relief with simple, all-natural ingredients. It is 100% free of all fillers (water, synthetics, or stabilizers) and does not contain any toxins, petroleum, steroids, or preservatives. All eight of our natural ingredients provide real relief that your skin will love.

Today we continue to delicately blend our all-natural ingredients and make Eczema Care Cream in small batches in our shop in Columbus, Ohio.

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