Traveling with Eczema - How to Manage Flare-Ups While Traveling


Vacations....they are the one thing we look forward to each and every year. Whether it is a beach vacation, mountain get away or a weekend at Disney, vacations always involve planning. These trips are supposed to be stress free and relaxing, but we somehow find ourselves stressing and worrying about all things leading up to the start of our vacation. The very last thing we need to be doing is stressing about an irritating eczema flare-up while on the trip.  

Although we always hope for the best, to say that an eczema flare-up won't happen while on vacation is very unlikely. Chances are you're traveling to a very hot and humid climate like a tropical beach or a very cold and dry climate like a ski trip in the mountains. Both climates are not ideal to prevent an eczema flare-up from happening and that's ok! It's best to be prepared to treat a flare-up when it does in fact happen. 

6 tips to keep in mind when you're about to embark on your next adventure:

1. Traveling through an airport and sitting on a plane all day can really take a toll on your skin. It is really important to keep a small container of cream/lotion in a carry on bag or nearby to make sure your skin does not dry out throughout the travel day.

2. If you are flying you MUST have your skincare creams/lotions in a bottle or jar no larger than 3.4oz. The last thing we need to have happen is TSA confiscating the items we need to survive for the rest of the trip. It is also good to pack backup creams/lotions in your checked bag as well just incase, It never hurts to be too prepared. If you are driving to your destination you can disregard any regulations on packing certain size containers.

3. Have you ever packed for a trip, just to find out that you forgot to pack something? Don't forget to pack your eczema relief products! My favorite eczema relief product to travel with is our Pat's Eczema Care To Go Stick. The To Go Stick checks all the boxes for traveling needs and helps me put eczema to bed for the time I'm on vacation. The best way I go about packing what I need for road trips is after I'm done with each step of my daily skincare routine I put It in my bag. This ensures I don't forget to pack the products I rely on daily. If you don't have a daily routine and you're not sure if you'll need a certain product, just pack It. It is best to be over prepared and not have to use It rather than being unprepared and in dire need to use It. 

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4. These long travel days or road trips not only take a toll on your skin but also your entire body. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the travel day as well as the entire trip. Although It may be tempting to get a coffee or soda to keep you energized for the days, its best to stick to water, your body and skin will thank you in the end. 

5. Traveling can make for a hectic day especially if you are traveling with a child who has eczema. It is a constant battle to make sure he/she is comfortable and happily occupied. Bringing books, movies or small toys can keep them occupied enough to not think about scratching as well as giving yourself some much needed quiet time. I know you just rolled your eyes at that last sentence about quiet time but we can all dream sometimes right? 

6. When you finally arrive at your final destination make sure to locate the nearest hospital or urgent care just in case any sever flare-ups occur. If you are staying at a hotel and the room has a musty or smoky smell to It make sure to request to move to a different room. It is also smart to bring a mattress cover and your own sheets if you or your child are sensitive to certain detergents. If you experience eczema flare-ups from chemical cleaners be sure to pack your own small bottle of cleaners (TSA approved size) and ask the front desk not to clean your room during your stay.

Hopefully some of these ideas are helpful to you and your family this year as you travel. Finally, you should enjoy every second of that vacation you've been planning to go on for sometime now. The last year or two has really taught us that you shouldn't take anything for granted, everyday life can change in the blink of an eye. Vacations are a chance to checkout of reality for a few days and create great memories with your family and friends - you should very much take advantage of that! We wish you safe travels to and from your destination and would love to hear about where you've traveled in the comment section below! 

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